Reviews / Comments

Victor “The most complete tour”   *****
9 March 2020
Both my partner and I liked very much this very complete tour. The guide explained to us many things about the country and many curious anecdotes that are worth listening to

Alma “Charlie is a very dedicated guide”   ****
9 March 2020
The tour was very informative. You can appreciate and feel the dedication of the guide throughout the tour. We had a great time.

Elisabeth “The best free tour I’ve ever done”   *****

March 2, 2020
Charlie has been one of the best guides I have ever known. He lives the story he tells and transmits it, so he makes a pleasant and enjoyable tour. He tells it all in a funny and anecdotal way. He didn’t leave anything to tell, he doesn’t care about time, he just wants you to finish the tour in love with Andorra and knowing everything about the country. The guide is a good person and friendly. You can appreciate his knowledge in different fields.

Charlie answers:
I really appreciate your comments Elisabeth and I’m very happy that you liked the tour. It was a pleasure to share the Tour of Andorra la Vella with professional people like you. Say hello to Alvaro and I hope we will meet again in the future.

Pablo “Very good”   *****
March 1, 2020
Charlie is a very kind person and you can tell he really enjoys his job. The tour was very interesting.

Charlie answers:
Thank you very much for your words, Pablo. I had a great time with Lina’s company and yours. I hope to see you again in the Principality of Andorra. Greetings.